Personal Sound Healing Transmission
  • Personal Sound Healing Transmission
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Madeleine Besson is an intuitive Sound Healer working with light language and high vibrational frequencies. She channels from Source, the Angelic realms, The Galactics, her team of light and any beings of light that wish to usher high frequencies for humanity. She uses hypnosis techniques as well as binaural beats and different tunings that are aligned with the highest frequencies, to become meditations and transmissions.

She offers a personal sound healing service. This is a very powerful sound healing transmission channeled specifically for you to help balance your energy field, activate your DNA, open and clear your chakras, and much more that your higher self wishes you to heal and receive. Madeleine tunes into your energy field, with your permission, and she receives what your higher self and guides want to channel for your highest good. She then records the transmission and you receive a video with sound and visual. This transmission is your sonic safe place where you can go anytime you need to reconnect with your true self. It contains activations that will be turned on at the right time for you, the more you listen to it. It is all done in service of the highest good with love and light.

• For your personal Sound Healing transmission, please send an email at , to see if it’s an energetic match. If it is, you will be able to schedule a 30 min call at a convenient time for both via Skype or Zoom.

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