Madeleine Besson, is a french artist, singer, songwriter, musician, actress and composer for movies and plays. She’s been living in Nashville, TN for three years.

Born into a theater and cinema family, she was constantly traveling and the place that felt most like home was the stage. Raised in LA until seven years old, she lived in Berlin, Paris and studied in NYC. She started violin at the age of two, piano at four and classical singing at fifteen. After discovering The Beatles around seven years old, their music had a deep impact on her and she started writing songs for fun and never stopped.

The music that is always a source of inspiration for her goes from soul, rock, pop, funk to classical music and reggae… (Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Etta James, Queen, Otis Redding, Ray Charles, Edith Piaf, Bob Marley, Jamiroquai, Earth Wind and Fire, Mozart, Nina Simone, Vulfpeck… and many more!)

She studied music at Lockwood Jazz school in Paris and The New School For Jazz and Contemporary Music school in NYC, composed music for movies and plays, played as an actress in movies (lead part in ”18 years later” sequel to “Three Men and a Baby”) and theater productions in Europe for about fifteen years.

Her first solo album “Blossom” was released in 2014 in France, working with producers Jim Barr (Portishead) and David Coulter (The Pogues, Pete Townsend…) and Jean-Alain Roussel (Cat Stevens, Bob Marley…). “Blossom” was written, recorded and performed during 5 years prior to its release. She also had the immense honor of sharing the stage (Olympia, Paris FR) with Cindy Lauper opening for her and singing “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” in duet.

After all that, a fresh start was needed to continue fulfilling her musical creativity. So, she decided to come to Nashville, TN and embrace the unknown, discovering the treasures Nashville has to offer musically and humanly, finding her home in her sound and heart. She started writing her next record, about this journey she was experiencing. Leaving all that is familiar for the complete unknown. “Journey Home” (co-produced with Dave Coleman) was released in September 2018.

Her new single "Rise" (recorded with producer Brett Ryan Stewart) dropped on April 22 2019, and has been playing in Nashville and it’s surroundings.

Her newest music EP “In The River” (produced by Brett Ryan Stewart) drops September 26 2019 and her new single “Where Music Fills The Hills” drops September 5 2019.