Madeleine Besson is a vocalist, musician, songwriter, composer and actor. She has been immersed in music since the age of two, when she began playing and training for violin, followed by piano at four years old, classical singing by fifteen and later on guitar. Brought up in an artistic family, theater and film, she travelled all over the world, music, theater and cinema always being the true constant. She studied jazz violin and composition in Paris (CMDL/Bill Evans Academy) acting in London and Paris (Shakespeare LAMDA/Cour Florent) and Soul, jazz, gospel, blues, pop in New York (New School for jazz and contemporary Music), while recording demos and playing in various venues with her bands and performing in movies and theater productions (“18 years later” sequel to the original French movie “Three Men and a Baby”, “L’Abîme” etc…). Madeleine Besson composed the original music for theater productions and movies between 2004 and 2013. She released her first album “Blossom” produced by Jim Barr, David Coulter and Jean Alain Roussel in 2014, opened for Cindy Lauper at the Olympia Paris France, and toured all over Europe in festivals and venues with her original music. She then moved to Nashville, TN where she recorded “Journey Home” produced by Dave Coleman released in 2018 and “In The River” produced by Brett Stewart released in 2019. She played all over Nashville, in Tennessee and Georgia.


Her music is a blend of soul, blues, jazz and pop. Earlier songs have a rock feel with a power house voice screaming for change in this world. The second and third albums are much calmer and subtle, reflecting a serenity in the face of this life and its hardships but Madeleine Besson is also telling her perpetual wonder at how extraordinary and fascinating life can be if we just change our perspectives a bit. She connects to the soul and goes deep into the intricate states of the mind, body, heart and soul through the lyrics, melodies and voice to express all the emotions we experience in our lives, from our fears and heartbreaks to the joys, love of life and being able to see the beauty in all that is, reconnecting with our heart.


Nature is a big part of her music and creative process. It is where she writes most of her songs, while walking, meditative walks amongst the trees is where the inspiration flows. She feels Nature is a haven for all to come up to the surface, observe and translate into music. “It’s all music, it’s all there, if we just listen and receive, in the silence of the wind blowing in the leaves and the birds singing their songs. We are all connected, with all that is, so when we’re in that state of openness, in the space of the heart, a lot can happen, and it’s divine.”


She also creates Meditations and sound healing transmissions that are powerful tools to help relax, balance and harmonize the energy fields of the body, mind, spirit, heart and soul. She channels intuitively and uses hypnosis techniques, binaural beats and different tunings aligned with the highest frequencies.


Madeleine Besson is currently writing original songs to be released in 2021, releasing sound healing meditations on her Youtube channel at least once a month, creating Aromatherapy oils LUMËS, painting with her own natural pigments, and is working on movie projects.



Albums -

"Blossom" (2014)

"Journey Home" (2018)

"In The River" (2019)

Singles -

"The Walker" (2013)

"With You" (2018)

"Sound Of The City" (2018)

"Precious Love" (2018)

"Rise" (2019)

Original Movie and Theater Soundtracks -

"Jean et Béatrice" by Carole Fréchette, Theater production directed by Keziah Serreau, “Festival d’Avignon” (2004)

"St Jacques La Mecque" Movie directed by Coline Serreau (2005)

"L’école des Femmes" by Molière, Theater production directed by Coline Serreau, “Théâtre de la Madeleine” (2006)

"Wilhem Busch Träumt Von Paris" by Katarina Talback, Pierre Besson and Madeleine Besson "Schlosspark Theater" Berlin (2009)

“Solutions Locales pour un Désordre Globale” Documentary by Coline Serreau (2010)

 “Fragments d’une lettre d’adieu lus par des Géologues” de Norman Chaurette, Theater production directed by Joachim Serreau, “Théâtre 13” (2010)

 “The Breasts of Tiresias” from Guillaume Apollinaire, Theater production directed by Eric Wallach, “Théâtre de la Reine Blanche” (2010)

 “Cirkipop” original Circus creation directed by Coline Serreau, “Académie Fratellini” (2010)

 “Tout est Permis” Documentary by Coline Serreau (2013)

Movies - 

"La Belle Verte" directed by Coline Serreau (1995) 

"18 ans Après" directed by Coline Serreau (2003) 

"Juste un Cafe" directed by Madeleine Besson (2007) 

"10 films pour en Parler" directed by Coline Serreau (2010) 

"Le Mouton Noir" directed by Samuel Tasinaje (2013) 

"L'Abîme" directed by Charlotte Erlih (2015) 

Theater - 

"Contre Les Bêtes" by Jacques Rebotier at Théâtre Dominique Cabrera, directed by Keziah Serreau (2006)  

"The Breasts of Tiresias" by Guillaume Appolinaire at Théâtre de la Reine Blanche, directed by Eric Wallach (2010) 

Actor and Original Live Music in Theater Musical Production “Wilhem Busch Träumt Von Paris” Co-Directed by Katharina Talbach and Pierre Besson, “Schlosspark Theater”, Berlin, Germany (September- November Rerun in July 2010)