Movies -

• "L'Abîme" directed by Charlotte Erlih (2015)

• "Le Mouton Noir" directed by Samuel Tasinaje (2013)

• "10 films pour en Parler" directed by Coline Serreau (2010)

• "Juste un Cafe" directed by Madeleine Besson (2007)

• "18 ans Après" directed by Coline Serreau (2003)

• "La Belle Verte" directed by Coline Serreau (1996)

Theater -

• "En Passant Par La Loire" by Samuel Tasinaje at Théâtre des Fées, directed by Samuel Tasinaje (2021)

• Actor and Original Live Music in Theater Musical Production “Wilhem Busch Träumt Von Paris” Co-Directed by Katharina Talbach and Pierre Besson, “Schlosspark Theater”, Berlin, Germany (September- November Rerun in July 2010)

• "The Breasts of Tiresias" by Guillaume Appolinaire at Théâtre de la Reine Blanche, directed by Eric Wallach (2010)

• "Contre Les Bêtes" by Jacques Rebotier at Théâtre Dominique Cabrera, directed by Keziah Serreau (2006)