Muladhara Transmission Meditation

Madeleine Besson

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∞ Balancing Muladhara (Root Chakra) Sound Healing Transmission Meditation (Binaural Beats) 432hz

★ I suggest listening with headphones to benefit fully from the transmission meditation. Sit or lie down in a comfortable, peaceful space where you won't be interrupted, and just be open to receive. There is nothing for you to do but breathe slowly, connect with your body through your breath, feel your body, focus on your root chakra, and receive.

∞ It is important to Not listen to this transmission while driving or doing anything demanding your full attention. This transmission uses Theta brain wave binaural beats (7.83hz Schumann Resonance, Earth resonance), which puts you in a safe state of total relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, improves immunity, creativity, sleep and heightens spirituality. It also uses hypnosis techniques, so your mind won't try to rationalize or judge what you're hearing, but rather allowing your unconscious to receive the benefits of the affirmations in a serene and welcoming state. It is all done in service to you, for the highest and greatest good of all, to help you, with all my heart and soul, in love and light.

★ The energies, light code activations and frequencies in this transmission are channeled through Light Language and Sound to balance and activate your root chakra, to ground you into your body and energy field, so you may deepen your connection with yourself, with Gaia, and feel safe and secure within yourself and with your surroundings.

∞ Sound Healing. This transmission is recorded in 432hz.

∞ I hope this brings you healing, beautiful activations and all that you need at this time. I am here to serve you through my gifts and am so grateful I can share with you here. Thank you for your love and support.

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