Anahata Transmission

Madeleine Besson

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∞ Anahata Heart Chakra Light Codes Sound Transmission (Alpha Binaural Beats) 432hz ∞

★ I suggest listening with headphones to benefit fully from the transmission meditation. Sit or lie down in a comfortable, peaceful space where you won't be interrupted, and just be open to receive. Breathe slowly, feel and connect with your body through your breath, focus on your heart center, and receive. Anahata ( Heart Chakra) infinite sound, the seat of love.

∞ It is important to Not listen to this transmission while driving or doing anything demanding your full attention. This transmission uses Alpha brain wave binaural beats (10hz), which puts you in a state of calm focus, being present in the moment, resting state for the brain, improves creativity, reduces stress, positive thinking, deeper muscle relaxation, greater functioning of digestive system, increase in percentage of oxygen and blood flowing to the brain, relaxed focus, calm but not asleep, focus but not anxious and immersed but not stressed, no need of conscious effort. A Flow State. So let yourself flow with the sound waves. It is all done in service to you, for the highest and greatest good of all, with all my heart and soul, in love and light.

★ Powerful transmission with high frequency light code activations channeled through the voice, sound and Light Language. These frequencies open your heart chakra and help the energy flow freely. Let the sensations, feelings and emotions come up and flow through you, connecting with your breath, body and heart center. This transmission helps you harmonize the energies within you, creating balance and openness, a flow state. Your heart is a portal, when you open this portal to love, magic happens. ∞ This transmission is recorded in 432hz.

∞ I hope this brings you healing, beautiful activations and all that you need at this time. I am here to serve you through my gifts and am so grateful I can share with you here. I Love you, Thank you.

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